Our Team


Executive Management/ Core Values

Proactive – Always responsive and dependable
Passion - Our employees are passionate about the services we provide to our customers
Performance – Our high standards maximize our employees day to day operations
Profit - Our customers always receive total satisfaction within budget and always on time

Executive Management Team

MBG Integrated Solutions, LLC – executive management team is made up of talented and seasoned individuals who have enabled MBGIS to build a business model that encompasses the key attributes of the most successful service-oriented contracting company. Experience, teamwork and visionary leadership are the keys to success. MBGIS’s  seasoned executive management team is forging a new era in the federal government industry.

MBGIS’s  executive management team is comprised of experienced retired military and civilian professionals committed to a proactive style which is both responsive to opportunity and balanced towards risk and reward. Our management team also believes that responsibility and accountability should rest with the individual when possible and should be delegated to the level in the organization best suited to the situation.

MBGIS’s  executive management team is led by Mark A. Brailsford (CEO/President). This team possesses strong knowledge of logistics, management, human resource services, IT technology, insurance services, real estate services and engineering and has a track record of managing technology development, negotiating and contracting with large strategic partners, and delivering complex services to the federal and commercial market.

MBGIS’s  executive management also believes in a structured approach to risk management that encompasses a broad framework of corporate, market, operational, financial, competitive and environmental risks. Hedging techniques, quality control and other tools are used to mitigate those risks on a continuous basis.

Contact: businessdevelopment@mbgis.us