Our Vision


Our Vision

MBGIS uses technology and innovative solutions to assist each client achieve higher levels of individual and organizational performance at reasonable and competitive prices.

Our Values

  • Integrity – MBGIS believes integrity is our greatest attribute. Each assignment must be completed with the high expectations.
  • Competence – MBGIS always performs at the highest levels possible.
  • Respect – MBGIS respects its clients and their opinions and ideas. We will come together to determine a common goal which will benefit our client.
  • Customer Service – MBGIS believes that Customer Service is everything. The job is not done until we have meet and or exceeded every expectation of the customer, to the highest standard


Our Commitment

MBGIS is committed to the success of our customers and our business partners.

The MBGIS Commitment:

  • Deliver innovative solutions
  • Foster strategic partnerships
  • Continuously improve ( Six Sigma) MBGIS services/solutions
  • Diversify MBGIS’s market